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Every Patient,
Continuously Monitored

Hospital, Home, Anywhere.

Enhanced patient safety

Continuously monitors patient vitals and collects data which can be relied upon

Intuitive Alerts

Customisable alerts can be created for any patient depending on their condition

The Cue Ecosystem

Provides in-depth analysis of patient’s vitals, building AI for the future of healthcare

What We Do?

Our medical device, continuously track the patient’s vitals, enabling You to give them personalized care in every hospital ward.

Why we do it?

In busy wards, the frequency and accuracy of vital sign checks may be insufficient to detect deterioration, especially at night.

Patients who are not continuously monitored, receive antibiotics delayed, have a longer stay in the hospitals, and have higher rates of re-admission.


lives saved annually

6 Hours

earlier Antibiotics administration


reduction in rescue events


hospital days reduced annually

With our solution, we predict a future with
Who we are

Meet The Team

Jennifer Head


Ilaria Vilkelis



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