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Hi! We are Your Cue.

Your Cue enables affordable, inclusive and continuous vital sign monitoring for every single patient admitted to a care home or hospital.

All the way from admission to discharge.

Operational Headquarters

Your Cue is a UK based start-up with its Head-Quarters in London.


It is supported by the UCL department of Innovation and Enterprise and is an award winning, Innovate UK funded start-up.

It aims to tackle the challenges faced by more than 17 million patients admitted to the NHS & 50 million patients admitted in Indian hospital annually by enabling their vital signs to be continuously monitored.


When a patients vital signs are not monitored continuously they can cause the following problems- 


1) Leave open crucial gaps for events of clinical deterioration such as sepsis, respiratory depression and cardiac events to go unnoticed. This leads to an increase in the cost of care, increased length of stay in the hospital and even chances of re admission for the patient.


2) This valuable vital sign data of patients with diseases, who are now hospitalised & are being treated with high end drugs are not being continuously observed & collected. At a time when Artificial Intelligence is booming, there isn't much data to assist & enhance our treatment when we fall sick.

Your Cue aims to tackle these inefficiencies in patient care through its affordable, accessible and portable vital sign monitoring solution.


Meet Our Team 



Winners of Health category in Growth Stage of University Startup World Cup (China)

November 2023

Winners of Health category in Early stage of University Start-up World Cup (Denmark)

September 2023

Dr. Nikhit recognized as top 100 Asians in UK tech 2023

July 2023

Sonakshi recognized as top 100 Asians in UK tech 2023

July 2023

Won the CapTableTV competition

June 2023

Represented UCL at London Demo Day

September 2022

UCL X Santander University- start-up of the year (£13k Equity free)

July 2022

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