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Creating a
better tomorrow

Careers at Your Cue

Come be a part of this change. Uncover a unique opportunity, collaborate with a worldwide portfolio of market-leading companies, fuse reliable research with profound human expertise, and help millions of people achieve more inclusivity, sustainability, and accessibility to everyday health, that they deserve. As we do what others fear, come along with us. Build a career that makes you feel proud.

Technology and Innovation

Our science understands you

Your Cue has designed a truly portable wearable medical device that continuously monitors the patient's critical vital signs and provides the care giver with important updates instantaneously through seamless cloud connectivity. It can even be taken home should the care provider decide to continue monitoring the patient and treating the patient remotely in the comfort of their own home, through the Your Cue App.

(This dual functionality can only be provided via a truly portable wearable medical device, such as the one that we have designed)

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